Posted by: evanstafford | October 9, 2011

Montucky Redemption

In deep

Third times the charm I guess. First time three swims. Second time lost boat and climb out. Third time no rolls. Sweet redemption. Photo essay of the Box below.

Exit of epic canyon

Game on

Don't get sucked in Double Suck


A.Woody, 307 represent



Beach campin'

Nice place

Bossing Dillworth

Stomping Dillworth

Morning action


Lower Deliberation

Dave entering Dave's

Earning it to Leap

Bluebird Leap

Bluebird Leaping

Bonus camp

Paddle out

Off the deck bonus scout

Bonus run

One more unportagable

Guess I'll go first

What a corridor


Sunset on a fantastic summer!



  1. Sickness! You take amazing shots Evan. Glad you finally got a no flip run on the Box. I always knew you could do it!

  2. Nice! Good collection of goodies there. Jared on Lower Deliberation and the boats in the pool below Deep Six are incredible pictures.

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